Global Family

We put a strong emphasis on social involvement

As we are a socially responsible company, it goes without saying to demonstrate social commitment. In spring 2015, we decided to enter into cooperation with Global Family Charity Resort. We would like to inform you in more detail about the project.

Global Family

Who is Global Family Charity Resort?

Global Family – “the tourist agency of humanity”. Vacation is considered a human right. The Global Family Charity Resort is a touristic human rights and aid organization, which is located in Austria. Committed hoteliers, private persons, tourism experts, partner and aid organizations support Global Family. Furthermore, celebrities such as Toni Polster, Felix Baumgartner and Hera Lind act as Global Family ambassadors. In association with more than 200 enterprises, the human right of vacation is said to be enforced for families of terminally ill children, families who fled, families at the existence minimum and families dealing with the consequences of war and environmental disasters. The aim is to experience a “social tourism with sustainability”.

The Idea and Examples

Global Family enables humans in difficult and hopeless situations to have some wonderful days, if required, accompanied by therapists. Vacation – a reduction of harm for children and families. Karl Auer is the founder of Global Family. Although he himself grew up in difficult circumstances, too, the father of five achieved success as a journalist, newspaper publisher and PR advisor in top hotel trade. The corner stone of Global Family was laid on 7 July 2007 when Adi Werner (the Arlberg Hospice) invited the first affected families. Global Family mainly depends on many hoteliers’ families, who accommodate affected families.

  • Example 1: Mrs. K. (2 children, single parent) Mother for health reasons in hospital for a long time. Their financial situation is very awkward, the family as a whole suffers from it.
  • Example 2: Mrs. O. is a single parent, the son’s father died from cancer before his birth. She receives the income of a store salesperson and is also given minimum protection. Her son attends main school at 4th grade. She has no financial resources to afford vacation.
  • Example 3: Since their company’s insolvency, Family H. is in a special situation. The father died from cancer, the mother became ill, too. (She suffers from COPD and is on the waiting list for a lung transplant). Family vacation would in particular mean a great experience for the 12-year-old son and will probably be the only chance for the family.

How can you help?

Global Family is always searching for companies, hotels and people to support the project via donations or services. Active participation would be highly appreciated as well.

Who we look for:

  • Hoteliers, who think that hospitality and vacation for families in need simply belong together
  • Advertising agencies, who merchandize Global Family pro bono
  • Marketing and event specialists, who support fundraising
  • Media partners, who report on a widespread basis
  • Members and vacation pates, who work and support actively
  • Chauffeur and taxi companies, who voluntarily drive the families to their vacation destinations.

Would you like to support Global Family?

Discover further information about supporting here:

Contact Global Family directly:
Verein Global Family Charity Resort e.V.
Samstraße 51
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