Company History

Yourcareergroup Timeline

  • July 1999 Foundation of the online job board HOTELCAREER
  • October 2001 Relaunch I of HOTELCAREER
  • August 2004 Applicant management system ho:re:so is formed
  • July 2006 HORESTO GmbH becomes Franchisor of
  • December 2006 Relaunch II of HOTELCAREER
  • January 2007 Renaming of hotel-career AG to YOURCAREERGROUP AG
  • March 2007 GASTRONOMIECAREER goes online
  • March 2008 TOURISTIKCAREER goes online
  • April 2008 Recruiting Days take place regularly
  • November 2010 Relaunch III of all job portals
  • September 2011 HOTELCAREER is Germany's best specialized job board
  • February 2011 Launch of HOTELCAREER in Poland
  • April 2012 HOTELCAREER blog is online
  • September 2012 HOTELCAREER is Germany's best specialized job board for the second time in a row
  • January 2013 HOTELCAREER is title sponsor for the HOTELCAREER CUP
  • January 2014 The founders Arne Lorenzen & Manuel Konen sell the YOURCAREERGROUP to the StepStone GmbH
  • September 2014 Renaming of YOURCAREERGROUP AG to YOURCAREERGROUP GmbH
  • March 2015 Launch of iPhone and Android Apps for HOTELCAREER; GASTRONOMIECAREER und TOURISTIKCAREER
  • April 2015 YOURCAREERGROUP GmbH supports Global Family Charity Resort
  • September 2016 YOURCAREERGROUP GmbH takes over the brand GASTRO JOBS in Austria

YOURCAREERGROUP - A story of success

In 2009 YOURCAREERGROUP can proudly look back on ten successful years. Find out why Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen made the right decision and how they turned what was at first an idea into a reality. Experience with us how everything started and how it has developed since:

December 1998 – July 1999: Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen come up with a new idea

The owners of the recruiting company Konen & Lorenzen Recruitment Consultants (est. 1997) realized that the Internet was booming. With their vast experience in personnel recruitment in the hotel, catering and tourism industry along with with their indepth knowledge of the market, they had developed the idea of a new internet job board dedicated to specific sectores. In cooperation with an internet agency from Aix-la-Chapelle, they managed to develop the entire concept.

July 1999: The idea became reality – HOTELCAREER goes online

Once the concept was finalized, the implementation followed. On the 3rd of July, the HOTELCAREER website was present on the World Wide Web. From then onward, HOTELCAREER became very popular in the German-speaking market, giving job seekers a wide variety of international job offers to choose from and emplyers the opportunity to use the job board as a new recruiting tool.

June 2001: The 1st career fair takes place

While HOTELCAREER was establishing its internet job boards in the German-speaking market the two young businessmen launched a new product. The first Recruiting Day took place and many motivated job seekers had the opportunity to meet HR managers from various international employers in person. Due to the global economic situation after 9/11, the Recruiting Days had to be put on hold in 2003 with the certainty that they would surely be back in the not too distant future.

September/October 2001: 1st relaunch of the HOTELCAREER website

After two successful years, the website was completely re-designed. Besides giving it a fresh and more attractive layout, the new website now offers advanced search tools and an improved applicant centre. The continously changing content, related news from the industry and useful career tips complete the career platform.

August 2004: New: ho:re:so applicant management system

From August 2004, HOTELCAREER began to offer an additional service to its clients. The new applicant management system called ho:re:so covers the entire online recruiting process. Sophisticated features manage the processing of incoming applications, creating transparency and correspondingly optimizing the quality of the recruiting process.

December 2006: 2nd relaunch of the HOTELCAREER website

Five years after the first relaunch, the website was overhauled significantly. From12 December 2006, the HOTELCAREER website was able to present itself in a new light. A new design, advanced and user-friendly functions – that’s what marks our website till today.

January 2007: New name and logo

At the start of the year, the corporate design and the logo of HOTELCAREER were modified to attract a young and dynamic group of Hospitality professionals. In view of new job boards, which were to be established in the near future, the company renamed hotel career AG to YOURCAREERGROUP AG.

March 2007: New: HOTELCAREER`s sister

The successful concept of HOTELCAREER was taken over and applied to the catering industry. In March, the new job board GASTRONOMIECAREER went online.

March 2008: New: Another sister is born

To also address the tourism sector which offers various jobs and attractive career perspectives, the new job board TOURISTIKCAREER was launched.

April 2008: The Recruiting Days are coming back

The economic situation in 2008 allowed and encouraged Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen to reactivate the Recruiting Days. Two career fairs for the hotel, catering and travel industry took place in 2008 and several applicants could get to know potential future employers. From now on, the Recruiting Days were sure to take place each year.

July 2009: Happy Birthday, HOTELCAREER!

On the 3rd of July it was time to celebrate. Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen could look back on 10 successful years of HOTELCAREER. They had founded one of the leading, renowned and most popular internet job boards in the German-speaking market. A toast to the success so far!

November 2010: The 3rd relaunch

Our job boards received a new design. A young and fresh design was chosen to attract more website visitors. A new job search technology was established in order to achieve better results. The company website was launched, providing detailed information about the company.

September 2011: According to job applicants HOTELCAREER is Germany's best specialized job board

Our job board HOTELCAREER reached great results in a job board study conducted by PROFILO Rating Agentur and CrossPro Research. The career portal proved itself in the categories of "satisfaction", "search quality" and "user frequency".

September 2012: HOTELCAREER is elected best specialized job board for the 2nd time

The internet job board HOTELCAREER could relive the last year's success in the study "Germany's best job boards". The job board again won in the category of "Specialized job board".


The internet job board HOTELCAREER supported the HOTELCAREER CUP as a title sponsor. The HOTELCAREER CUP is a soccer tournament for employees in the hotel industry and takes place in several German cities during spring.

January 2014: Founders sell YOURCAREERGROUP to StepStone

The founders of YOURCAREERGROUP -Arne Lorenzen und Manuel Konen- sold the entire company to StepStone GmbH, a subsidiary of Axel Springer AG. For further information and details please read the press release.